Welcome to Kleopatra’s International Signature Services For Women Around the World.     We Are Masters of Excellence In Hair Weaving and Permanent-Make-Up.     With Proven Superior Techniques, Long Lasting, Precision Ability, Experienced and Handcrafted Supremacy.     We Protect and Stimulate Hair Growth.     No Damage or Breakage.     Longer, Thicker Hair Can Be Yours.     Do you need a Specialist?     We will come to you!     Look No Further Call Kleopatra’s Inc. 585-415-7786     No One Else Can Offer What We Have.     This Month Special * Individual Lash Extentions and Eyelash Curl.     Lowest Prices Ever ! Save $$.     Gift Certificates Available. . . . . Hurry Offer Ends Soon!

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At Kleopatra's we make
your dreams come true!

Music Industry Recognized


Model/Client -Technique- "The Exalta"


Winter Love




Exalta Hairweaving
By Kleopatra

Let Your Natural Hair
Breath & Flow.
You Look Dynamic.

No Tape, No Glue
Brush, Wash, Blow Dry


Have you ever wished that you could:
Have long beautiful hair?

Exciting Permanent Make-Up Update
with a New Before and After section!

Have naturally beautiful eyebrows?

Have beautiful eyes WITHOUT make-up?

Have distinctive luscious lips?
ave a beauty mark?
Have natural-looking permanent blush?
over up scars?
Remove freckles?

We do it all and much more!!!

Kleopatra's specializes in Hair Weaving Extensions AND get ready for this... Permanent make-up. That's right! Natural looking beauty that won't run or smear. Wake up in the morning looking just as good as you did the night before. Browsing through our web site you'll discover that dreams can come true!

Hair Weaving
| Permanent Make-up
100% Human Hair


 Model/Client -Technique- "The Exalta"

To Schedule an appointment please call. Due to our overwhelming response by e-mail, we ask for those who are seriously looking for A Specialist in high tech Permanent Make-Up & Hairweaving procedures to call.

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Upstate, NY


 Model/Client -Technique- "The Exalta"

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