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Got A Beauty Question? Need Advice?

Ask Kleopatra
The Expert Beauty Advisor
in Hairweaving & Permanent Make-up

Many women have contacted our beauty facilities with questions in which they needed answers to. Due to the amount of questions we receive, we have created our beauty column strictly with you in mind. We are here to assist you in every way that we can.

If you have a question, search no further. There is no other place you need to look. Contact Kleopatra. Our expert beauty advisors, skilled in technologies and abilities, will give you the answers.

Some questions may take a little more time in giving you the proper answers. We will inform you of time that may be needed concerning your beauty questions. If we can't answer or find the solution to your question, we will meet with our beauty network, and contact you with the answer.

We are Specialists & Masters in Hair Weaving and Permanent Make-Up. We have just recently provided our beauty column strictly to assist you, and are growing. Our services are improving each day. Remember, you are special, and with our improvements we can better serve you.

The questions and the advice that you may need can be on hairweaving, permanent make-up, or any thing related to beauty. Send an e-mail with your inquiry, or mail it by postal. Be sure to include your name along with:
1. Your question
2. Your e-mail address
(So that we may respond to you as soon as possible with your answer)
3. Beauty Advice Service Fee.

Please allow at least 3 - 5 days after your question(s) has been received for your advice and answer. We will contact you with the beauty advise that you need.

Please note: Questions about our beauty services do not require a service fee. For instance, asking about our consultations, hours of operation, which hair weaving procedures we specialize in, do not require a fee, but going into the details of Hair Weaving or Permanent Make-up procedures does.

Beauty Advice Online


Service Fees: $2.50 per question

Don't have an e-mail account but want advice?

Beauty Advice By postal mail

Service Fees: $3.50 per question

Please allow 7-14 business days for beauty advice by mail. Be sure to include your questions, service fee along with a self-address stamped envelope for your return answers. Send your questions by mail to:

Kleopatra's Inc.
Attention: Beauty Questions
3896 Dewey Avenue Suite#5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616

Kleo Members
Receive Their Questions Free
If you have a Kleopatra's Membership Card and Number, you receive 10 free beauty questions answered
by our staff per year.

JOIN NOW with your Kleopatra's Membership

Advice By Phone
Beauty Advice to answer your questions by Telephone. Phone advice are made with pre-arrangement. Contact our headquarters for more details. Send your request, "I want my answers by Telephone," to our email account, or call us. Let us know the best time frame to make contact with you. Office: 585-415-7786

Beauty Advise and Service fee

To answer your questions by phone are as follows.

Beauty Advice 10 minutes

Service Fee: $10.00 (USD)

Beauty Advise 20 minutes
Service Fee: $20.00 (USD)

Beauty Advise 30 minutes
Service Fee: $30.00 (USD)

For Urgent advice that need answers right away, Mark it "URGENT," and we will return your information A.S.A.P. Be sure to include an additional Advice Service fee of $5.00.

Add ASAP Advice Service Fee

For International and Foreign countries contact our beauty offices for applicable fees and services exchange.

Check back with our site for new updates of services.

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hairweaving services quite like ours.
Try Kleopatra's.
We Specialize In You.
Have a Wonderful Day!

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Kleopatra's Inc.
Beauty Advice
3896 Dewey Avenue Suite #5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616

Upstate, NY

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