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Kleopatra's Membership

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Here at Kleopatra's we shall give our members the greatest benefits of beauty.We care about you, about how you feel
and the way your feel about yourself - All of these things will show upon your face. This is where we come in.

We are a exlcusive beauty firm that will put a smile on your face, through our services and bonuses here with Kleopatra's Secrets Memberships for thoses that join with us. Imagine if you are the winner of our beauty make-over free of charge, yes that's right.

You see, we know that you will put others first, ahead of you.
So therefore we are putting you first with our Kleopatra's Secret Bonuses for those who would like membership.

We are always trying to improve our services unto you, and will keep doing so. Until one day that shooting star in the sky will be you. Your joy will be our joy, just to help you reach your goals. We can help you with your image in so many ways. So, if you need a assistance with your beauty and or advise just contact our office we will do all that we can to assist you.

Until then, have a beautiful day.
Kleopatra's Inc.

Benefits of Kleopatra's Memberships

Here are a the benefits that we give unto our clients. Kleopatra's membership gives you special discounts on
all of our beauty services.

1. Receive 24 hour emergency service
2. 10 Free questions per year & advise received on hairweaving or permanent make-up.
note: This Excludes questions for consultations
3. Receive 25 - 30% discount on all Kleopatra's merchandise.
4. Save 15% on Technical Beauty Services.
5. Plus-Your Kleopatra's Membership Card with Your Exclusive Membership Number to unlock many other benefits!

Fill in your Kleopatra's Membership Form
then submit it to us at

Subject: "I Want Kleopatra's Membership"

Or, Mail To:
Kleopatra's Inc.
Request Membership
3896 Dewey Avenue Suite #5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616

It's Easy! Just simply fill in your subscription form
along with your membership fee. We will contact you
Welcoming You To Our Club.

We are building and we want to service you
in the best way that we can.

Monthly Membership Subscription: $10.00
3 Month Membership Subscription: $24.00
6 Month Membership Subscription: $45.00
1 Year Membership Suscription: $60.00

Note: Membership fees may vary or change due to the demand.
Hurry while our new introductory is here. New offer won't last.
To receive membership discounts the member must be current
and have registered number with our beauty firm.

Tired of having your weaving technique done
the same old way? Then call Kleopatras!
We are the master hair weaving specialists.
With our weaving technologies, we will give you a fresh
breath of style. We have many options to choose from
giving you a star quality look. Try our techniques,
you will be glad that you did.

No where else will you find services like ours.
Join Kleopatra's Membership
We Specialize In You.

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Upstate, NY

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