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The Grand Prize Winner of Our
Mother's Day Sweepstakes 2007
Permanent Make-up Beauty Package

Sheila Barns
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thank you to all who participated!

Congratulations To Our Grand Prize Winner
Of Mother's Day Sweepstakes for May 28th 2006
H. Mary Burnett of Rochester, N.Y.
Be The Grand Prize Winner Of
Kleopatra's Egyptian Beauty Makeover

Fly in to our beauty headquarters.
Receive the Luxury that you deserve
Enter with women from around the world.

Join In! Be A Global Contestant
Enter as many times as you like.
Enter Here

We'll Make Your Dreams Come True

"This is Our Way of Saying Thank You
By Giving You The Gift of Love

"Grand Prize" First Place Winners
First Place Winners Will Have The Chance To Indulge Luxuriously
In Kleopatra's International Beauty Sweepstakes where they will compete


Win Kleopatra's Beauty Sweepstakes
With Beauty Packages
Valued Over $50,000.00
A Total Beauty MakeOver!

First Place Winners Will Receive:
(There will be Two (2) Grand Prize Winners)
The Works From Kleopatra's Inc.
~ Free Permanent Make-up Consultations
~ Free Permanent Make-Up Analysis
~ Free Permanent Make-Up procedures
*for eyebrows, lipliner, eyeshadow, eyebrows
eyelash curl, beauty marks, and more!*

~ Free Hair Weaving Consultations
~ Free Hair Weaving Analysis
~ Free Ultimate Hairweaving Designs
*With Your Choice of Your Hair Extension
Your choice of length, color & design*

~ Free 100% Human Hair
*Your choice of texture, luxurious quality*
To Illuminate The Essence In You!

~ A Free Photography Session
with Kleopatra's World Renown Photographer

*Show Your Magnificent Look To The World by
exposing your New total make-over*
~ Plus Your Free New Bonus
*Kleopatra's Secret Guide to Unlock Your Sensuality*
*Egyptian Manicures with Pedicure Massage*
*Facial Treatment*
*1 Year of Kleopatra's Membership free


"Second Place Winners"

Second Place winners will receive:
~ Free P.M. and H.W. Consultations
~ Free P.M. and H.W. Analysis
~ 50% off of all Kleopatra's Technical Procedures
~ Free Eyelash Perm or Free Beauty Mark
~ An Egyptian Beauty Package
~ A $100.00 Kleopatra's Inc. Gift Certificate's
~ 6 month subscription for Kleopatra's Membership Free
~Plus a Free Photo Session
There will be 10 Second Place Winners


Winners will be chosen by randon drawings
To participate in Kleopatra's Inc. Sweepstakes you must enter to win. Send your name along with your
entry fee, Each submission must have your contact information for verification if you are the grand
prize winner. You will not win unless you enter and follow all rules the and regulations of Kleopatra's
Sweepstakes. You may enter as many times as you like. All entry forms must have its entry fee with
each submisttion, there is no altering or substitution. If you are entering by mail send postal
money ordersalong with your name and contact information to:
Kleopatra's Inc.
"Beauty Sweepstakes"
3896 Dewey Avenue Suite #5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616
All Winners will be notified of their winnings and placement. Special rules apply.
You must be 18 years or older to participate in Kleopatra's Beauty Sweepstakes.

Next Sweepstakes will be drawn on May 17th, 2008
Winners are selected by random drawing. Remember, you must enter to win.



Words From Kleopatra

Hello, I'm Kleopatra.

You may not know this, but I appreciate you and care about the way you look & feel about your self. This sweepstakes is a gift from me to you. We hope that the beauty gifts put a smile on your face, by giving to you the Sweepstakes beauty packages. With so much trauma in the world today, we all need a little reminder that life is a sunrise. Therefore,
I have created this wonderful thought in which we're sending to you. This is a new opportunity that we are sending out. We are, we are here to help you to assist you in your beauty goals.

There is only one condition, we won't know that you exist, unless we know that you are there. So, by entering our beauty firm will know who you are and that you are there. Spread the word that we are willing to help. It's now up to you to choose this gift or to walk away. To all the women in the world you are so beautfiul and we lift You Up by reaching out to you in our special way.

May you enjoy the beauty that you so deserve in your life.

Until then,
Have a Glorious Day!

Kleopatra Pres.
Kleopatra's In

Remember Here at Kleopatra's
We Are Lifting Women Up Around The World,
we hope it will be you.


Join Kleopatra's Membership
We Specialize In You.

For More Info Call



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Rules & Regulations that applies to all contestants and winners: All winners must submit their photographs
with written consent to accept terms that are written here in our site for use of photography in kleopatra's beauty
sweepstakes, if chosen as a grand prize winner or winners in second place entry. Creative beauty work to be used for
Promotions for Kleopatra's Inc. Tell your story and send it in. Write a statement of why you should be The Grand Prize
Winner of Kleopatra's Beauty Sweepstakes Plus makeover packages. Tell us about your self, we want to know. Kleopatra's
International will give you the beauty make-over exclusively. Our beauty firm pays for all of your beauty make-over's as described.

Additional information will be posted to web site so check back as we update with details of exciting news to benefit you. All travel, hotels, and accomodations
is the sole responsibility of the selected winners. We reserve the right to extend the date of drawing for Kleopatra's Beauty Sweepstakes which may be necessary and due to any unforseen circumstances in which we can not control. Those that have entered, have read our terms with understanding and will not hold us responsible for accidents, and will not infringe upon our good will unto the world. Our offer is of good will, with no ties to any corruption, but only for the sake of beautification of women and mankind. Contestants will not hold us responsible for error and will not sue, but agrees to arbitration if dispute is needed. If needed arbitrations to be held in the state of New York.