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Kleopatra's Institute
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Looking for a higher level of learning? Want to improve your skills in hair weaving? Many have contacted our firm from around the world, wanting to know our secrets of success in hair weaving. Due to this demand, for the first time we are accepting enrollment of students to learn our exclusive techniques by private studies.

We will teach you the art of hair weaving so that you can give the ultimate service to women and men with skills & from the heart. Interested in our institute? Request enrollment via e-mail or Postal Mail by submitting your Enrollment Form to Kleopatra's Institute. There is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $75.00 which you can pay through Paypal, postal money order, or personal check. Fees cover processing, administration, preparation of your application, etc.

If you are accepted, your enrollment fee will be deducted from your technology courses which you have chosen. All applicants that have enrolled, your data and information will be processed we will contact you with notification of your acceptance. All applicants must be approved with acceptance from our headquareters.

The information on techniques is confidential, and will be sent only after enrollment is complete with approval. Our technologies are top secret. You will not find the levels of learning anywhere except with our firm. We are exclusive and have the right to admit or reject applicants.

If you want to give the greatest benefits of beauty, to touch other lives in a positive way, then contact us. We are serious about our trade and will not give our secrets to anyone. If you are committed to the way of excellence and committed to giving high quality service, then you need to Contact Kleopatra's Institute.

Elevate Your Abilities
Change the lives of others

We are an Exlcusive Beauty Firm.
We will train you to be a top technician with our Technologies.

Until then, have a beautiful day.

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