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What is hair weaving?
Here at Kleopatra's, hair weaving is the process of combining 100% human hair to the clients own natural hair. This gives the illusion of longer, thicker, fuller hair instantly. We have the finest techniques and quality of weaving around the world. It can be woven to cover bald spots, where there is no hair, to give the illusion of fullness. Any area of the client's hair can be woven or weaved. Technically, hair weaving is woven to the root area of the clients hair so that it grows with your own hair naturally. When weaving is performed by a skilled technician it will not fall out.

What are the different weaving techniques?
Here are a few techniques that we offer are:

Christina Method - This is true weaving for your hair. It helps stimulates hair growth, while protecting your existing hair. It is the number #1 weaving procedure in the world.

Mw-1 - Also one of the top "true weaving" methods in the world.

V6-12 - This method is related to the corn row procedure but it is not as lumpy. You can achieve a smoother illusion in your hair. This method works well for those that are on an budget, but need to look good.

Corn Row - This method is the oldest in hair weaving. It was invented back in the late 50's and was a great beginning for those who wanted instant locks. Being the oldest method, the cornrow is lumpier than all other techniques, but if done skillfully you will end up with a polished look.

Note: Corn row weaving does not work well if you have fine hair, thin hair, or balding areas.

Is bonding, or gluing weaving?
No. Bonding or gluing is exactly that. It's a glue! This is a cheap, short, and temporary method of placing hair on your head. There is no guarantees with this method. It can fall out!

Are there any dangers with bonding, or glue on your hair?
Yes, it will damage your existing hair and soon leave balding spots in your hair. It does break off the hair. This happens on all textures of hair. If you bond your hair, you will be bald eventually.

Do I need maintenance or checkups?
Yes! You should always maintain your hair weaving as though it were your own - because it is! Professional maintenance of your new extensions, or weaving is not needed for at least 4-6 months. This may vary due to the growth of your natural hair. Your natural hair growth will determine the best time to come in for your checkup.


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