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Imagine Fuller Lips (Now!)

 Before: Lip Liner

 After: (Upper) Lip Liner-
The photo illus. was taken the same day.

No Smear! Why Wait?
Delicate & Sensual

Do You Dream Of Fuller Lips?

Client/Model:Amanda With Permanent Lip Liner

Awake To A More Beautiful You!

The Permanent Make-Up Specialists

Wouldn't it be great to rid yourself of the daily hassles of make-up application? Or how about the constant fussing and touch ups to make sure it hasn't run or smeared? Have you ever added up how much money you spend on cosmetics?

At Kleopatra's we can solve these problems and so much more!

Permanent make-up is a non-surgical technique that is radically changing the lives of millions of women. You can look as dramatic or as natural as you would with temporary make-up. And the best part is that it always looks great--24 hours a day! No more getting up a half hour early to put your best face forward because you'll already have it on.

This revolutionary new concept is especially beneficial for active women, and for those with handicaps, who don't have the ability to apply their own make-up.

The permanent make-up procedures we offer include:
Eyebrow enhancement
Eye liner (top & bottom)
Natural eyelash enhancement
Lip liner
Full Lip color
Eye shadow
Eye lash perm
Beauty marks
Cheekbone accentuations & contours
Feature reconstruction
Areola restoration or repigmentation-nipple areola
Hair line restoration

Facial wrinkle cover-up
Freckle, or Birthmark cover-up
Concealment of scars,burns, baldness & beard-loss

We are highly-trained skilled technicians with over 15 years of experience, who have mastered the creative science of micropigmentation. Because we're Certified Dermatalogists, we know what's best for your skin. Satisfaction guaranteed!!!

We also specialize in regular make-up application for: photo shoots, weddings, parties, or any special event or occasion where you want to look your very best. We also provide complete makeovers for cross-dressers.

Permanent Make-up FAQ

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