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Hair Weaving Consultations

Here at Kleopatra's, everything is tailored to you. No two heads are a like. For this reason, there are many important details our technicians must gather before giving you an exact cost.This can be determined with a consultation.

A technical consultation is a session completely created with skill and knowledge developed to answer your questions. This will get the information needed to proceed with your hair weaving. We have numerous techniques designed to give you the look that you want, and that will also suit you and your natural hair.

We are Master's In The Art of Hair Weaving. Our consultations services are exclusive, private & by appointments only. With Kleopatra's Consultation's
your hair results shall be expansive, technical with exclusive work created just for you.

Your private appointment can be arranged. Just give us a call to schedule your office visit to our beauty facility. We are located in Greece, a suburban area in Rochester, N.Y. Clients travel to us from all over the world. So if you need our services and live far away. Simply contact our office for your consultation. You can do so by postal mail or by via e-mail, online.

A Kleopatra's Consultation will give you answers before any major investment is made. Answers such as:

1. How much does it cost?
2. How long will it take?
3. Which technique is best for you and your hair?
4. What is your exact technical hair color?
5. Which technique will not be damaging to your hair?
6. Can my hair be versatile in styling?
7. Any other questions you may have about hair
weaving, along with much, much more!

Having these questions answered is important not only because it gives our technicians a better opportunity to deliver the results you want, but because it give you the piece of mind.

Remember Kleopatra's

We are The Master Hair Weaving Specialist's
Imagine what we can do for You.
Creating Ultimate Beauty Around The World.

You can pre-plan your consultations to schedule a private consultation, or to find out more about our exclusive services. We also make house calls.
We can come to you! Send us your request.
Contact our office: 585-415-7786
by e-mail at


Permanent Make-Up Consultations

This section is coming soon. To schedule a P/M Consultation, use the "Request a Consultation" button. If you are requesting a Permanent make-up consultation by mail, contact our office for more specific details.You can also contact our office at 585-415-7786.

Consultation Service Fee:
Covers the diagnostic preview from our technician plus
with personel answers to your questions in which we will give you. This is very important to accomplish your hairweaving goals plus it separates you from the rest of the world.
In Office Consultation Service Fee: $25 per half hour
E-mail Consultation Service Fee: $75.00
Note: Your service fee will be deducted from your technical
beauty services when appointment is schedule at our facilities.
Investment fees for consultations is good for upto 6 months.
Other wise fees are non-refundable but are service fees for technical consultant, summary, etc & may vary due to client service.
Postal Mail Consultation Service Fee: $75.00
For Those Mailing or E-mailing Your Consultation
Our technicians will preview your data that you submit. However, we will need more information from you to make your consultation complete. Take the time to fill in a consultation questionaire form.

(For Hair Weaving Consultations)
Mail your form to our office along with your consultation fee.

Consultation with Kleopatra's Interns:
In-Office Consultation Fee $15.00 per half hour
Via e-mail with Intern Consultation Fee $30.00
Postal Mail Consultation with Kleopatra's Intern $30.00
Note: Kleopatra's Intern's are trained students that have the ability to give you great results and options.
Tired of having your weaving technique done the same old way. Then, call us Kleopatra's. We are the hairweaving specialist with our weaving technologies, we will give you a fresh breath of style, with many options to choose from, giving you a star quality look.
Try our techniques you will be glad that you did.
No where else will you find
weaving services like ours.
Try Kleopatra's.
We Specialize In You.

As A Bonus To You

Your consultation fee will be invested back towards your hair weaving procedure when you schedule your appointment with our firm.
It takes time for our consultants to analize via mail.
Mail consultations are a bit more difficult than a personnel
in office visits. Your fee is good for up to six months after your summary is received. Your investment fee covers
the time that is needed for our technicians to analize your data for your personnel results.
If you decide not to have your technical services after your
consultation has been done by mail, you will have the answers
to your questions. Consultation fee are non refundable.

We hope to be of service to you. Remember we are here to help. If you need a specialist we are not to far away.
Just call! When you want a higher level of hairweaving & want the best. Send your request, We take the time for you.

After your Consulation has been done.
See Your Next Step
Have a Wonderful Day!

For More Info Call


Send your information to:
Kleopatra's Inc.
Request Consultations
3896 Dewey Avenue Suite #5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616

Upstate, NY

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