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Extreme Hairweaving Masterpieces

After Your Consultation
Deposit For H.W. Appointment
From Kleopatra's Inc.
The Master Hairweaving Specialist

Come into the world of
Exotic Beauty & Illusions.

You have just completed the beginning of your professional consultation. Technical data has been gathered, and we now have specific in your information on you which has been provided by you. This is so important for your hair weaving design.

Now that you have been advised by our technical consultants, which has helped you to decide the technique that is best for you. It is here that you will make your next step...

Schedule Your Beauty Time Appointment!

A deposit is required to begin this process. This also secures your apointment along with the designer extensions of your choice. Your desposit will be invested towards you as the amount will be deducted from the total of your weaving design. At this time, your consultant has given you the price. Your deposit fee can be made using the internet, or by regular mail.

We look forward to creating your Perfect Masterpiece!

Deposit Form
For Kleopatra's Hair Weaving
Required for Technical Hair Weaving Services

All Kleopatra's hair weaving designs require a deposit for their specific designer illusion. This is very important as it puts you into the fast zone for advancement. You will receive immediate attention
from our firm acknowledging your request for our technical services designing the total you.

It also confirms your request for our services.
Your investive deposit covers scheduled appointment time, premium hair extensions, and preparations for your services. In order to make your visit with our Beauty Firm successful, please fill in your information in the deposit form (click the button below). When this is done mail your form in by via e-mail or postal, along with your fee.

Hairweave Deposit
Requirement to Activate H.W. Services

Click the link that is closest to your estimate that has been given to you by your consultant.You can also round it off to the nearest number.

If your amount is not seen below, contact our firm. Remember, all of your deposit goes towards you as an investment fee for your services.

HW Deposit $125.00
HW Deposit $150.00
HW Deposit $200.00
HW Deposit $250.00
HW Deposit $300.00
HW Deposit $325.00
HW Deposit $350.00

HW Deposit $400.00
HW Deposit $425.00
HW Deposit $450.00

HW Deposit $500.00
HW Deposit $550.00
HW Deposit $600.00
HW Deposit $700.00
HW Deposit $800.00
HW Deposit $900.00
HW Deposit $1,000.00

For thoses that are depositing by Postal Mail, please send
a U.S. money order made payable to: Jeane Kilpatrick
(in memo write Kleopatra's Inc. deposit for appointment).
Note: Also send any information that is needed or that you desire; Such as photos, pictures, etc. or Follow the advise of your consultant. We look forward in your visit and we hope to see you soon. Remember we create the ultimate in hairweaving services just for you.

Hair Weaving

Send your mail to:
Kleopatra's Inc.
The Master Hairweaving Specialists
Book Appointment
3896 Dewey Avenue Suite #5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616

Telephone: 585-415-7786



Tired of having your weaving technique done the same old way? Then call Kleopatra's! We Specialize in the ultimate
techniques of hairweaving. With our technologies, we'll give you a fresh breath of style from many options to choose from.
We'll create your desire of your hopes and dreams,
So that you receive that star quality look & style that you have been waiting for. Try our techniques. You will be glad that you did. No where else will you find
hairweaving services quite like ours.
Try Kleopatra's.
We Specialize In You.
Have a Wonderful Day!

For More Info Call

Kleopatra's Inc.
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3896 Dewey Avenue Suite #5309
Rochester, N.Y. 14616

Upstate, NY

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